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KnizkaWe are currently the only independent guide to the best and most interesting restaurants in this country. In Bohemia, our brand is already a fixture. Our mission is to independently evaluate individual restaurants throughout Prague and the Czech Republic so that we can present you with tried and true establishments. We have already built up our own group of evaluators (ca. 7000), which continues to grow year by year. You can send in your ratings by post, online or SMS.

This nationwide questionnaire, GRAND RESTAURANT, was founded by good food lover, Pavel Maurer. The main idea of the project? To fight against bad food and unpleasant waiters. Visitors usually don’t have much of a choice - rating the restaurant, however, gives us the possibility not only to criticize the bad, but also to cultivate the good.

This poll is based on the views, visits and ratings which evaluators give voluntarily and secretly at their own accord. The final ratings of the restaurants are statistical averages of all valid evaluations. Restaurants are rated with grades 1 to 5 (as in Czech schools) for the quality of food, service and interior:

1 - Excellent
2 - Very Good
3 - Good
4 - Bearable
5 - Avoid

Also estimated is the average price you would spend for dinner and drinks.


Mostly evaluators secretly and at their own expense gives marks for each restaurant they visit. They do not know each other and belong to various social and professional groups. At the same time, however, there are experts from many other interesting professions such as doctors, artists, lawyers, and businessmen. Our evaluators enjoy returning to us because they are aware that after years of cooperation their opinions and ratings actually influence the selection of the best and most interesting restaurants in the country.

Guest Experts

The publication also includes evaluations by experts in the culinary arts (such as chefs, food critics, and other experts). In 50-60% of the Top 10 results, experts tend to agree with the ratings of the general public.

Would you like to become an Evaluator?

Do you want to become a Czech restaurant evaluator? Is there a restaurant that we should know about which isn’t in our guide? Anyone can become one of our evaluators who registers on our website and sends us their reviews. Come join us and help influence the cuisine in the Czech Republic! The most active evaluators of the year are invited to attend the greatest gourmet party in the country.

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